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75% of small and mid-size companies operate below their potential.  Many know this, but a surprising 50% figure this out when it is too late.  Very often, this is due to external factors such as increased competition, new innovations (scientific, technical or IT), regulatory changes or market instability.  On the other hand, companies do not realize what is happening internally due to growth challenges, investor pressure, incorrectly managing innovation, inability to operate internationally, or even challenges due to changes in vendor strategies and other obstacles.


We at 3T3 aim to help our clients improve their performance, whether it is the entire business, a business unit, a function or a team through the

  • optimization of time, talent and treasure

  • by using the right combination of teams, tools, and tasks

  • all driven by truth, trust and tenacity.


The 3T3 philosophy underpins how we help clients make the right changes to be successful. 

  • We start with understanding

    • our client’s mix of time (resource capacity), talent (skills) and treasure (funding, innovative concepts, other assets),

    • how the combination of teams (people), tools (software, templates, training) and tasks (processes) helps drive business performance, and

    • how their culture supports decision-making and operations through truth, trust and tenacity. 

  • We then work closely with their key stakeholders to design the right model and define the right changes to achieve business improvement (in support of their strategic objectives).

  • Finally, we can help implement change as appropriate. 

This is more than management consulting – we go beyond making recommendations because we have a desire to help our clients “make change stick” in a way that effectively uses their existing skill sets.


  • Business is struggling but you don’t know why

  • You know what to change but don’t know how

  • You have innovative ideas but don’t know how to take advantage of them

  • You have a unique asset (e.g. data or analytics) but don’t know how to monetize it

  • Business is stagnating or performing poorly

  • The operations do not support the company vision or objectives

  • Individual contributors are not working effectively (either within a team or a function or across both)

We apply our wealth of experience in leading business optimization initiatives to help you make the right change, at the right time, in a way that is both lasting and cost-effective.

Our Approach

We can support you in all the phases of a successful optimization:

  • Evaluate elements of the 3T3.  Remember, these are time, talent and treasure; tools, teams, tasks and tools; truth, trust and tenacity.  They are compared with industry practices.  Define clear objectives (if they do not already exist) and compare to current performance.

  • Identify quick wins.  Sometimes change is faster to realize than you think.  We don’t want to waste your money on a long, drawn-out assessment.

  • Design the future operating model.  Here we get creative and innovative with your team to design the right organization, processes, and supporting tools to help you achieve your objectives.  The business blueprint, if you will.  Sometimes there are several models to consider, and we apply a sound business case and evaluation framework to help you decide which one is right for you – quickly.

  • Plan the journey.  Developing the right approach to making change stick is crucial.  Optimizing your time, treasure and talent will be critical.  Selecting the right team (internal and external) will be just as important.

  • Implement change.  Making change stick requires discipline in managing it and balancing people’s capacity for change, because sometimes you need to change the wheels while you are driving.  You need to change people, process and technology at the same time.  And, you need to be adaptive and flexible during the journey.  We can help guide you through this, help manage the process, or provide hands-on operational support.

  • Run the new.  Now it is time to work according to the new model.  Since things won't change if you don’t measure them, we can help provide objective feedback to leadership as well as teams on the ground.   



Our cost-effective services can help small and mid-size companies quickly optimize their business, function, or teams under various scenarios.  Whether it is to

  • Define the business strategy and optimization initiatives

  • Optimize R&D specifically

  • Develop an IT Strategy and define how it aligns with the business

  • Develop an international growth strategy

  • Fill interim leadership or operational skill gaps

Our fit-for-purpose offerings take our clients from vision to benefits realized, regardless of where they are on their change journey.

  • Health Check und Quick-Wins

    • Benefits - “Ready-to-implement” plan to improve performance of a business unit, a function or a team based on an analysis of skills, processes and (IT) tools and individual metrics (costs/budget, resources, timelines) and comparison to industry practices; initiation of quick wins

  • 3T3 “Inn-gineering” Workshops

    • Benefits – Through a focus on “realistic innovation” (innovation and engineering) we ensure key stakeholders are aligned on goals to be achieved

  • 3T3 "Modeleering"

    • Benefits – “Model Engineering”, or realistic and fit for purpose operating model design (tasks, teams, and tools) that is aligned with business objectives, has a high chance of implementation success, and fits within the budget

  • Optimization Implementation

    • Benefits – Improved business unit, function, or team performance (costs, resource utilization, timelines) and faster decision-making through implementation of an optimized model (organization structure, skills, processes and IT tools)

  • Interim Change Leadership and/or Operational Support, Training

    • Benefits – Improvement of change project results (cost, resources, timelines) and timely decision-making through the use of experienced leaders and managers that effectively facilitate and coach change leaders or those impacted by change

    • Hands-on development of processes, SOPs, training materials, requirements



Our experienced industry veterans and consultants are ready to help you enhance your performance.  Our flexible approach is based on cost-effective, professional operating model design and facilitation principles and decision-making frameworks and tools.  

3T3 provides impactful optimization services through:

  • Industry veterans with many years of relevant experience as management consultants, executive facilitators and change leaders

  • A network of experts – highly experienced, immediately effective and proven at every level - working in life science development teams as scientists, MDs, regulatory experts, etc.

  • Proven, adaptable methodology and templates to successfully plan and execute change programs, manage risks and work effectively with your executive, leadership or operational teams

  • Support staff for cost effectiveness

Please contact us if you would like to learn more about our optimization services.  We would welcome the opportunity to outline our customized approach for your specific situation or needs.

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