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Tobias Hoppe
A Message from the Founder 

By founding 3T3 Consulting, I want to help companies – and the people within them – be successful at what they do (or want to do) and do it with passion. 

The 3T3 philosophy is simple and is applied to all the work that we do – from evaluating assets to driving effective projects to optimizing business, function or team performance: 

“Optimization of time, talent and treasure by using the right combination of teams, tools, and tasks

all driven by truth, trust and tenacity.”


​In my humble opinion, this can only be done by bringing together experience with method.  Our industry veterans have seen and done more than many in their respective fields.  The framework within which they operate at 3T3 allows them to come together as a highly effective team where their individual talents provide deep insights, innovation, and sustained improvement.  


During my 30+ years consulting the life science industry, I have learned many things, done things well, and learned from mistakes.  I have learned about methodologies and professional project leadership by working for large consulting firms.  I have come to appreciate the value of data and technology when used in the right way.  Most importantly, I have learned to appreciate not only the wealth of knowledge that people have but, most importantly, learned to appreciate them as team members and colleagues.  And I have kept my passion for learning – about others, about new ideas and innovation, and about myself.


At 3T3, we enjoy what we do – we are nimble and professional – corporate without the corporate.​


If you would like to know a bit more about my background, please go to Tobias Hoppe | LinkedIn

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