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The 3T3 Philosophy

Three sets of three T’s

We at 3T3 aim to help our clients make better decisions and increase business results through

  • optimization of time, talent and treasure

  • by using the right combination of teams, tools, and tasks

  • all driven by truth, trust and tenacity.

Trees and Mountains

Time, Talent and Treasure

These three T’s require active stewardship to ensure companies meet their objectives or define what their objectives should be.

  • Time includes the internal or external resources (the effort) that is available to run the business

  • Talent is the skills available (and required) to operate, innovate, manage and lead a successful business

  • Treasure includes the funds, assets, plants, equipment, and data that drive innovation and production

When there is too little of one (or sometimes too much even), it must be compensated with another – or objectives adjusted.  For example, if skills are lacking, funding can be made available to hire new talent or investments in equipment can be made to increase efficiency.  This requires regular adjustment.

As part of our assessment framework at 3T3, we help companies identify any gaps in these areas in relation to their objectives.

Teams, Tools and Tasks

At the most basic level, these are the critical capabilities that can be implemented or optimized (with the right time, talent and treasure).

  • Teams are the combination of various skills required to achieve business results (the “people”).  Whatever is done to optimize through tools and technology, we will always need people.  Always.

  • Tools enable teams and tasks to be more effective and operate efficiently.  These include technology, data, machines, and even methods and templates. 

  • Tasks hold everything together (the “process”).  They include guidelines or trained processes that describe how the work gets done.  They need to be clearly designed and defined, understood by the teams (ie trained) and made more efficient by the tools.

These capabilities are extremely interrelated.  People design tasks and tools for others to train and implement and even run.  Innovations in tools and tasks drive new skill requirements or team structures. 

When we optimize businesses, functions, assets or projects, these are critical design elements that allow us to optimize a company’s time, talent and treasure.

Bicycling in the Woods

Truth, Trust and Tenacity

In essence, this is the cultural foundation of any organization. 

  • Truth is non-negotiable and exists in the data and peoples’ experience.  Without an understanding of the truth, trust cannot be built.

  • Trust enables individuals and teams to rely on others and, most importantly, to give help and ask for it.  Many books have been written on highly effective teams, and they require trust and truth to succeed.

  • Tenacity is the level of drive that individuals, teams and the organization have to succeed or “stick with it”.  It is not just blindly staying the course but applying continuous improvement and drive.

Cultural elements of an organization are easily overlooked.  Without a foundation of truth, the right decisions cannot be made.  Without trust. the best tools and processes will not help teams perform.  And without tenacity, there is no drive to succeed.

When we design and implement new business models, project plans, or asset strategies, we help highlight the truth so that teams build trust and drive towards objectives with tenacity.

The Value of 3T3

Bringing together our experience and professionalism under the 3T3 philosophy allows us to partner with our clients to  

  • help define what is right for the company, their teams and people

  • help facilitate the right decisions

  • establish new or optimized ways of working or make the most of their assets

  • make change “stick”

  • and do this quickly and cost-effectively.

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