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Asset Evaluation


Late-stage drug development failures have increased, in particular at smaller biotechs, at times forcing companies to write off over $50M in development costs, lay off up to half the workforce, or shutter operations completely.  This reiterates the importance of regular, holistic evaluation of development projects – to either identify ways to increase the value, reduce risk, or stop development faster.  This should include optimization of medical, scientific, commercial, development and regulatory components.


3T3’s goal is to reduce cost or time to market through enabling faster Go / No-Go decisions or improving the potential value of your developmental therapies.  We provide value through our experienced team of industry experts, a proven approach to efficient and effective product risk identification and optimization or design of development strategies.

3T3 reviews assets quickly and cost-effectively from the perspectives of

  • optimizing time, talent and treasure

  • by using the right combination of teams, tools and tasks,

  • in an environment of truth, trust and tenacity.



  • Unsure how to progress assets when considering the competitive landscape, approval risks, medical or scientific strategy, and market potential

  • Fast and effective decisions not being made because of different interpretations of the data or a lack of information

  • Decision-makers not able to come to a consensus

  • Lack of appropriate expertise to decide whether to out-license or in-license an asset, merge with another company or conduct due diligence activities

  • Go / No-Go decision framework for individual assets (as well as on portfolio level) does not allow decisions to be made quickly and effectively or are not supported by stakeholders

We apply our wealth of experience in evaluating assets to help you make faster, well-informed Go / No-Go decisions, irrespective of phase of development.



  • A practical and experience-based review and analysis of all relevant data, including Target Product Profile (TPP), development plan (costs and budget, timelines, resource needs, risks), market potential and payer strategy in addition to medical, scientific, operational and regulatory components

  • Efficient development of a specific asset-based decision framework using relevant experts in cooperation with your team members (internal and external)

  • Target-oriented decision-making process that includes all stakeholders

  • Integration of a more efficient decision-making process in your organization to help make future decisions more effectively



    • Through a comprehensive assessment based on medical, scientific, commercial, payer, development or regulatory factors, our benefits include

      • Faster Go / No Go decision-making,

      • Cost reduction

      • Value increase

      • Reduction of time-to-market

  • Process Implementation

    • We help significantly reduce cost by implementing the right tools and processes and providing relevant training and support



Our experienced industry veterans and interim managers are ready to help optimize your assets.  Our proven, yet adaptive approach is based on a cost-effective review of asset-related information (internal and external), experience-based decision-making frameworks, and objective cooperation with all levels of your organization.

Our combination of experts and proven approaches allow us to quickly and successfully evaluate your assets:

  • A team of industry veterans with many years of relevant experience as heads of portfolio or project management, executive team member or management consultant for start-ups, mid-tier and large life science organizations

  • A network of experts – highly experienced, immediately effective and proven at every level - with specific functional expertise and experience working in life science development teams as scientists, MDs, regulatory experts, commercialization or payer experts, etc.

  • Proven, adaptable methodology and templates to successfully evaluate the assets and work effectively with your team members

  • Support staff for cost effectiveness


Please contact us if you would like to learn more about our asset evaluation services.  We would welcome the opportunity to outline our customized approach for your specific situation or needs.

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